Are You Growing Your Competitors Next Great Client?

Are You Growing Your Competitors Next Great Client?

A massive challenge for anyone in sales is prospecting for net new business while trying to retain your current clients. Choosing where to spend your energy or how to divvy up your time can be challenging. I know how busy you all are running around doing...

Selling to Gen-X, Part Two

The emerging class of decision makers are Gen-Xer’s, people in their forties and mid-fifties. In this episode,  Darrell Amy and Larry Levine continue to explore ways to position yourself for success with Gen-X, the most skeptical generation. You’ll learn...

Selling to Gen-X, Part One

As millions of Baby Boomer decision makers retire, the new guard of decision makers is rising. Gen-Xer’s are people born between 1965 and 1981. Now in their forties and fifties, this generation is the most skeptical generation ever and they have had access to...

Busting The Top 3 Solution Selling Myths

Virtually every industry has some type of new solution they are selling. And every one of these industries has a majority of their sales reps stiff-arming the new solution, committed to sticking with the legacy products. This week we are going to bust the top 3...
Larry Levine

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