About Selling From the Heart

Meet The Team

We are a group of passionate and fun professionals on a mission to transform the sales industry we all love!

Darrell Amy

Darrell Amy

Visionary and Co-host of the Selling From the Heart Podcast

Darrell is passionate about helping sales teams maximize their success. As author of Revenue Growth Engine, he helps companies develop and execute strategies to accelerate growth.

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Jackie Joy

Jackie Joy

Integrator and Sales Leadership Coach

Jackie combines her rich experience in sales leadership with her certifications in coaching, leadership development, and sales team evaluations to help leaders be more effective in their roles.

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Larry Levine

Larry Levine

Founder and Co-host of the Selling From the Heart Podcast

Blending a heart of service with over three decades of in-the-field sales experience, Larry helps sales professionals develop a mindset and skillset for authentic success.

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Larry Levine

Carmen Cruz

Executive Assistant
Marketing Coordinator
Podcast Producer

As the Executive Assistant at Selling From the Heart, Carmen is a dedicated professional committed to ensuring smooth operations and providing invaluable support to the team. With a passion for service and a focus on excellence, Carmen stands ready to assist in every capacity, ensuring clients and colleagues receive unparalleled care and attention.

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Our Core Values

Everything we do is driven by these values.

No Empty Suits

It is time for sincerity and substance to rise to the surface. We help sales professionals and leaders discover their authentic selling style.

Speed to Heart

The faster we can get to the heart the more we enjoy authentic success. Relationships are at the core of sales results and fulfillment.

More Trust,
More Sales

Trust is the currency of sales. With trust we enjoy more opportunities, higher win rates, and long-term clients.

The Manifesto

We are a new class of genuine, authentic sales professionals!

We know our values and live by them!

We are brutally honest with ourselves!

We do the hard work to make sure we can add value to our clients

We wage war against mediocrity.

We lead with the heart and not the wallet!

We are not empty suits!

We bring the human approach to sales.

We turn transactional opportunities into transformational experiences!

We make a difference!

We sell from the heart!


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Selling From the Heart Podcast


Every week on the  Selling From the Heart podcast, Co-Hosts, Larry Levine and Darrell Amy take a deep dive into sales with trust and authenticity. Through expert interviews and practical advice, they uncover how to find success in selling while building meaningful relationships with clients – all without compromising your integrity. Tune-in for proven strategies that apply both to accomplished professionals or those just starting out; boosting business potential by following their philosophy of “selling from the heart”!

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Our Partners

We are proud to partner with these companies providing resources for authentic sales professionals and teams.

When each member on your sales team knows their WHY they are able to communicate more clearly with prospects and clients. Leaders are able to coach and motivate more effectively.

Based on over four decades of data analytics, OMG drives our Sales Team Effectiveness and Improvement evaluation. This helps executives understand the resources needed to maximize sales results.

Based on Darrell Amy's bestseller, Revenue Growth Engine®, our partnership helps create talking points and sales playbooks help sales teams deliver consistent results and get new reps productive quickly.

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