Bringing The Heart Back To The Sales Profession

We believe that authenticity pays. When we get real, we get results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the sales landscape by challenging and equipping sales professionals to develop authentic relationships and deliver real value.

When buyers are surveyed about their opinion of sales reps the results are typically dismal. Low trust, rampant skepticism, and finely-tuned B.S. meters make it harder than ever to grow sales. The skills of an authentic sales professional help build trust and break down barriers. The best part is that these skills work with any sales model.


How To Drive Digital Conversations

One of the most frequent questions we get is this: “I’m great a connecting with prospects and clients. Now what?” In today’s world, sales professionals need to become great at driving digital conversations. In this episode, Larry and Darrell get practical, sharing the strategies that they use to drive digital conversations and convert them to appointments. 

Lisa Patrick-Authentic Networking

These days it’s easy to click “connect” without making a true connection. We welcome Lisa Patrick to the podcast for a rich discussion about authentic networking. She’ll challenge you to bring your true self to the relationship. You’ll also get helpful ideas to build genuine relational bridges with the people you meet.

Erin Urban-Selling From a Place of Abundance

In today’s low-trust world authenticity is critical. This happens as you sell from a place of abundance. You’re going to love this conversation with Erin Urban as she coaches us how to become more authentic. In this conversation peel back the onion on how to bring a more authentic version of yourself to clients and prospects.

Davin Salvagno-Selling With Purpose

Are you connected with your purpose? This week, Davin Salvagno, Founder of PurposePoint challenges us to reconnect with our purpose. This episode is full of challenging questions and inspirational ideas that will help you enjoy more success as you connect with your purpose. You’ll get practical ideas to make the turn from profit to purpose.

Bart Ratliff-Relational Selling Strategies Revisited

This week we’re proud to bring back our most-listened to episode of 2019 with Bart Ratliff, Managing Partner at OutBound Cards. You’ll discover some fresh ideas on how to open new doors and develop authentic relationships.


Amy Volas-Leading Tenured Sales Professionals

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The Selling From the Heart Manifesto is a declaration of authenticity for the sales profession.


Here’s the book that started it all!

Our Leaders

Meet the visionaries behind Selling From the Heart

Larry Levine

Author of Selling From the Heart, Larry brings over 30 years of selling experience to the table. His heart for authenticity shows up in his relational sales strategies.

Darrell Amy

Passionate about solution selling, Darrell has 15 years of solution sales training experience. He believes that value is the core of competitive advantage.

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Larry Levine

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