Are You Building Lasting, Meaningful And Empathetic Relationships?

larry levine Mar 22, 2020
Are You Building Lasting, Meaningful And Empathetic Relationships?
“Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust and hostility to evaporate.”
Albert Schweitzer

In today's business climate where many of us are operating with fear, anxiety, and doubt; those that lead with an empathetic heart stand out.

Empathy is defined by Psychology Today as “the visceral experience of another person’s thoughts and feelings from his or her point of view, rather than from one’s own.”

It's mission-critical to understand the true value of long-term relationships.

I believe genuine, real, and raw empathy cannot be faked. If you're saying or doing something merely to check a box and to appear more involved or compassionate, you’ll lose out in the long run.

The time is now to truly connect

Connections and relationships matter way beyond what we traditionally believe. As humans, we seek to connect in order to find meaning. We crave a sense of belonging. Social networks and digital channels allow us to connect at hyper-warp speeds, but it's the one-to-one human connection that's becoming more valuable than ever.

A deep meaningful relationship takes passion, purpose, and patience. This does not happen overnight, in a week, or in a month.

When we embrace ourselves first, when we can work on ourselves first and find fulfillment within ourselves, then we are able to open up for a deep, meaningful relationship.

It's difficult to bring the best version of ourselves to the forefront if our hearts are broken and not healthy. 

Lead with your heart and not your wallet


According to a recent in-depth Frost & Sullivan survey, 80% of customers base their choice of provider on Customer Experience. It has become the single-most-important differentiator in making or breaking a brand.

"The need for personalized, relevant experiences are not only raising customer expectations, but making them more difficult to please."

You may or may not agree with me and it's quite alright... I believe all those in sales are in the memory and experience business.

The question I have for you is...

What kind of memories and experiences are you creating for your customers at this very moment?

Within the sea of sameness and mediocrity that exists inside the sales world, the customer experience does matter. Get it right and watch what happens to trust, loyalty, and consistent repeat business. Watch what happens to the relationship.

What truly makes for a good experience? Is it speed, convenience, consistency, and friendliness? I believe a great customer experience leaves people feeling heard and appreciated. It's bringing the human heartfelt emotions to your customers.

Right now, at this very moment, how many of you are tugging on the heartstrings of your customers?

I ask you to think about the following questions...

  • What promises are you making to your customers?
  • What promises do your customers truly value?
  • What promise have you made to yourself to build the relationship?
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Turn to your heart. In sales, the heart is ignored. “Heart-based” sounds "touchy-feely". Heart-based sounds weak and not cool. 

How can heart matter when competitors are making each sale more challenging than the last one?

A servant, caring, and compassionate professional lives and leads with their heart. The heart is about place and comfort. They're in a place to make a difference. This shows and is exhibited in how they care for their clients. By living and leading with their heart, they create meaningful and unbreakable sales bonds that last a lifetime.

Heartfelt professionals are leaders: they build relationships, cast vision, and motivate people to act.

Open the cage and let your heart roam free with your client relationships.

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Authenticity is one of the biggest challenges for many in a profession riddled with scrupulous, fake, and disingenuous sales reps; that quite frankly many buyers despise them. However, authenticity separates a sales rep from sales professional, and this is what your clients want!

It's about moving from being viewed as untrustworthy to being viewed as authentic and genuine. Yes, you must become a bit vulnerable with yourself as this is where it starts. In order to build relationships and change the way people think, you need to understand who you are and what goods you bring to the table. 

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Authenticity requires self-knowledge and self-awareness. Accept your strengths and weaknesses. Hold yourself accountable to yourself. Connect to your client's values and desires.

Plain and simple, at the core of a Selling from the Heart lies one word... CARE!

Building rock solid, deep and meaningful relationships is about one thing... giving a rip.


The heart is a place where one develops and gains strength. Those that embrace their heart will grow in purpose, profit and impact. Those that embrace heart will strengthen their client relationships with many stakeholders, producing long-lasting results.

I'm here to tell you that your clients crave a genuine, authentic, real-deal, and Selling From the Heart professional. I urge all of you to lead a sales life full of authenticity and integrity rather than the pursuit of lining your sales wallet.

"Actions speak louder than words when serving with the heart"

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