Attention Sales World...Would You Like A Slew Of Clients Or A Slew Of Transactions?

larry levine Apr 11, 2022
Attention Sales World...Would You Like A Slew Of Clients Or A Slew Of Transactions
"Make your interactions with people transformational, not just transactional."
Patti Smith

Think about this for a moment... Are the conversation's you are having with your clients transformational or transactional in nature?

Sales leaders and salespeople... I know all of you desire and crave meaningful relationships, however; what are the foundation of those relationships built upon?

Transactional intent and thinking should have you concerned. These actions become self-serving as you make sure you get as much as you can from the "relationship" for a set amount of work in return.

Unfortunately, this leads to many of you never going above or beyond what you agreed to.

This transactional mindset and the way you carry yourself becomes fragile. It leaves you in a vulnerable situation and quite replaceable.

Being replaceable is no way to lead your sales life.

Let's all pause and reflect upon this quote from Janet S. Dickens,

“The wings of transformation are born of patience and struggle.” 

Focus in for a moment on the word "patience"... The one word in sales that many struggle to comprehend.

Follow along... Could patience and intentional conversations become one of the strongest tools you have to effectively build meaningful relationships with your clients?

Do you crave a slew of transactions or a slew of clients?

I ask this because the way you open a conversation directly impacts what happens next.

It's the direction you take these conversations along with the strategy behind all of it, which determines this... a transaction or a transformational client relationship.

Think about this...

Are you building customers or building clients?

Conversations build relationships, and relationships build businesses.

You never know when one rich and meaningful conversation will lead to exponential revenue growth.

As you start to reflect upon all of this, now, answer me this...

Are you creating transactional customers or transformational clients? Would you even know?

Transactional salespeople and for that matter, transactionally minded sales leadership, are killing the sales profession.

Yes, you heard me correctly... This thinking and the way you all carry yourself are killing the profession and who is to blame for that?

Why are so many of you running around trying to find a "sales deal" for the here and now? I am going to ask you to stop and think about the longevity this has and the mental anguish you're putting yourself through.

Transactional mindsets are only focused on the sale.

This mindset reduces the customer relationship to nothing more than a one-sided extraction of so-called value.

This transactional mindset based on pitch and pounce has tarnished the profession. Who is to blame for that?

The race to the bottom is occurring at rapid rates within many sales channels. Undercutting and monumental discounts is not a long-term business strategy. This approach is not only unsustainable but puts your customer relationships at risk.

Transactional relationships are expensive and unsustainable

These transactional conversations may lead to short-term growth but long-term failures.


A transactional mindset and the associated behaviors are felt by your customers. I promise you this, at some point, you will be replaced by a better transactional conversation.

Are you training your customers? Would you even know?

Why do I say this? Because you and all the other like-minded salespeople are on the same sales ship cruising along within the sea of competitive sameness.

Seriously think about this... How likely will your clients come back for more if you continue to deliver a transactional type of experience?

Do you crave a slew of transactions or a slew of clients?

I truly believe so many salespeople are missing out on a massive opportunity to become a significant part of their clients’ lives, by operating with a transactional mindset.

Transactional mindsets alienate, transformational conversations build client communities.


Are the conversations you are having with your clients leading to connection?

What could possibly happen if you took some of those transactional type conversations you are having to another level where you could feel more connected to your clients?

Courage, curiosity, confidence, and compassion will move many a conversation from transactional to transformational.

I believe we need some transactional type conversations in our daily sales lives, however; there are plenty of opportunities to move those conversations to transformational.

Quality over quantity! I believe deep and meaningful transformational conversations are more powerful and effective than transactional ones.

Authentic transformation happens outside your comfort zone.

Transformational conversations require you to be open in engaging with another individual without knowing where the conversation will go. There's no hidden agenda or deception.

"I think for any relationship to be successful, there needs to be loving communication, appreciation, and understanding."
Miranda Kerr

Think about the above quote... How can you develop loving communication, appreciation, and understanding with a transactional mindset?

Sales professionals with a transformational mindset:

  • Do not seek out predetermined outcomes
  • They ask powerful questions
  • They listen deeply and with intentionality

Do you want to be known as a transactional sales rep or a transformational sales professional?

Do you check in with your clients or keep them informed and educated?

Do you get what you can get or give what you can give?

Are you building rewarding and meaningful client relationships or transacting your way through sales?


We all have choices in our lives.

A transactional mindset may work and provide you with a sense of sales fulfillment, but I promise you that a transformational mindset will change the trajectory of your sales career.

Bryant McGill nails it,

"Real transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward - get real with yourself."

Are you willing to get real with your sales career?

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