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Sales Professionals Get To The Heart Of What Matters

Getting to the heart of the matter, if sales reps are unable to uncover a personal or emotional need for the prospect to make a change, then they might consider breaking off the meeting, thanking them for their time and move on to the next prospect.

Sales Discipline Equals Financial Freedom

Inspired by Jocko Willink, co-author of Extreme Ownership, this article explores how sales professionals and leaders can leverage discipline to create financial freedom.

Trust: The Vital Currency Of Sales Success

Trust is the vital currency of sales success. Yet HubSpot research shows trust of sales people is at an all time low. Darrell Amy shares ideas to build trust.

What Does Your Prospect Really Value?

Inspired by Seth Godin and the product adoption curve, Darrrell Amy challenges sales professionals to consider the deeper things their prospects really value.

What Is Your Purpose?

As we begin this new year, a good question for every business owner, sales rep, and marketing professional to ask is this question: “What is my purpose?”

3 Things Sales Reps Need to Do To Help Smash Their Sales In 2019

"If you look at all aspects of all sports, everything comes down to basics and fundamentals." Robbie Lawler To everyone in sales, you can perform much better and become more successful, if you just learn to master with consistency the basics. Vince Lombardi, the great...

How To Create a Value Inventory To Maximize Competitive Advantage, Win Rates, and Profit

Maximizing competitive advantage and gross profit happens when you add value. The more value you add, the more gross profit you are due. The less value you add, the less likely you are to win the deal. And if you do win the deal with low value, you’ll probably leave a lot of money on the table. A great place to begin understanding your value is by creating a Value Inventory. This is a list of all the different ways your can bring value to the table.

Reflections on Significance, Sales, and Success

As sales professionals, hitting financial goals will only motivate you so much. Once you hit a certain threshold of financial success goals, it takes more to keep you going.What is the significance of what you do? The answer to this question will be different from everyone. However, as you consider the question, this article offers some categories to consider.

The Top 10 Selling From the Heart Podcast Episodes from 2018

2018 was a great year for the Selling From the Heart podcast! As we look back over the year, we thought we’d share the top episodes as voted on by our listeners. These are the episodes with the most downloads last year! #1 Developing Your Sales...

Tension and Trust: The Two Key Ingredients You Need To Sell Change

No matter what you sell, we all essentially sell the same thing: change. The problem is that most people hate change. Therefore, our job as sales and marketing professionals is to motivate and inspire buyers to change. In this article, Darrell Amy explores the two key ingredients to sell change: tension and trust.

How To Sell Change

Every sales person sells the same product: change. We all have the same competitor: the status quo. Here are some ideas on how to sell change and overcome the status quo.

3 Tips To Avoid Sounding Like Another Sales Monkey On The Phone

Isn’t the ability to pick up the phone to potential clients supposed to be one of the defining features of a sales rep? Then why do so many do almost anything but pick up the phone to potential new clients.

Successful sales professionals do not make excuses! They understand excuses is kryptonite to their sales performance.

Attention Sales Leaders: What Could Your Team Do With $7.2 Million Of Sales Opportunties?

With so many leaning heavily on social media for their interactions, the less face to face communication is practiced, the less skilled your team becomes in having business conversations. If your business relies on your sales team to win clients, the better their conversations become, the higher their business acumen becomes, the more opportunities they’re likely to uncover and the more likely they’ll be able to convert sales opportunities into profitable clients.

Consistency… It’s At The Core Of Every Sales Professional

A sales professional focuses in on the one most important thing they need to do at this moment in time to help them in the long-run to accomplish their goals. Extreme focus is not easy. It requires discipline and accountability over the long-term.

Attention Sales Leaders… Take A Look At Your Sales Team, And Then Make A Change!

Selling in today’s ultra-connected, fast paced business environment is brutally tough. Your clients and prospects are drowning themselves online as they conduct their own research. They’re becoming their own tour guides as they educate themselves to solve specific problems existing within their business environment. My question to you… What are you doing to help your sales team position themselves online to capture the attention of your clients and prospects?

Larry Levine

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