Sales Professionals…Appreciation Unlocks The Door To Your Sales Growth.

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Sales Professionals, Appreciation Unlocks The Door to your Sales Growth
“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” 
Zig Ziglar

Appreciation, it's a wonderful thing to receive, however; how often do we give it back to others and practice it ourselves?

Appreciation creates a human connection. It encourages us towards even more collaborative relationships. It's so important to give appreciation because it enhances self-esteem for both you, the giver, and your clients, the receivers.

According to Jack Canfield, in The Success Principles,

“A state of appreciation is one of the highest vibrational emotional states possible.”

Imagine for a moment... What would happen if you looked each and every one of your clients in the eye and with sincerity said, 

"Thank you for your business and allowing me to serve you, I sure do appreciate you."

When I say appreciation, I'm not referring to fancy dinners, sporting events, gift cards or gift baskets... I'm talking about the power of a good old genuine THANK YOU, I SURE DO APPRECIATE YOU!

Here's a little secret... are you ready? The key to your sales growth now and well into the future is by showing appreciation to your clients.

Showing appreciation... it's about investing time, energy, love and caring for your clients.


We all know the costs are much higher to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. I'm all for growing new business but not at the risk of losing a possible client.

How about focusing on a client retention strategy, as an effective way to drive sales growth?

The key to client retention is showing them how much you appreciate them. To do this, you must bring sincerity, substance, and heart to ensure that every interaction with your clients surpasses their expectations.

If you want your clients to continue to spend money with your company, as well as recommending you to others, it’s a good idea to show how much you appreciate your clientele. 

Stop delivering ho-hum experiences and expecting your clients to continue doing business with you!

Wouldn't you agree, everyone likes to feel valued? Your clients are no different. When it comes to client appreciation, sincerity supersedes gimmicks.

Client appreciation must be driven by a genuine and sincere desire to please.

Real and I mean real appreciation is about truly caring for your clients. It's a sign of genuine gratitude for their business and the opportunity to serve them.


Are your clients at the HEART of everything you do?

I'm sure you work hard every day to provide great service, but now I am asking you to think about creating an outstanding and consistent experience.

Showing appreciation requires diligence and commitment in cultivating a persistent attitude of gratitude.

I'm going to challenge you to kick it up a notch. Appreciation can really go a long way when you put some thought, extra time, and effort into it.

How your clients feel about you and their willingness to continue doing business with you are closely related. If they feel valued and are treated with care, aren't they more likely to become loyal?

Appreciation, this is something that takes practice, consistency, and the true understanding of people. Meaningful and credible relationships do matter.

Integrating the use of fromtheheartcards is hands down how you ratchet up relationship building and appreciation. This is how you create an emotional one-to-one connection and a memorable experience. I guarantee a personalized card and tugging on one's heartstrings, the card will never be thrown away.

A true human connection lives beyond surface level.

I encourage you to discover what really matters to someone and strengthen your relationship with them.


How well are you truly listening and showing genuine interest towards your clients?

Listening, it's about creating the WOW factor.

We live in a world of attention deficit disorder. No one has the time to listen.

How many salespeople are patient enough to sit back, ask questions and then really listen?

One of the most powerful things you can do is listen. What concerns me, is how many of you listen just long enough to then immediately jump right into sales pitch beast mode the moment you uncover a pain point.

Heartfelt conversations emotionally connect with your clients. This allows for intellectual discussions that lead to exciting new discoveries and the personal sharing of information.

Listening to learn... I believe this drives trust while allowing you to discover the full scope of their goals, dreams, challenges, aspirations, and business drivers.

"Listen to your customers before they listen to your competition."
Julian Hall


 Showing appreciation and enhancing the client experience is about human interaction. It's creating a bond with your clients. It’s about you making the commitment to ensure you're positively impacting the lives of your clients, their business, and their profitability.

What could you be doing to give your clients the experience they deserve? There’s absolutely no excuse for ignoring this fact. I encourage you to start curating client memories. If you're not providing outstanding experiences, then really, what are you doing?

The key to sales growth sits close to home, what are you going to do about it?

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