Sales Professionals Are Invested, Are You?

Oct 19, 2019
Sales Professionals Are Invested, Are You?
"The key to making money is to stay invested."
Suze Orman

Sales is hard. It’s certainly not for the weak at heart. It requires the right mindset to really become successful.

One massively overlooked factor to becoming a great sales professional is the belief and confidence you have in yourself.

Where you stand now, months from now, and into your sales future will largely depend on what you do to improve yourself today.

Without working on and improving YOU every day, would it be realistic for YOU to expect a much different future from the one YOU have at this very moment? Do you think your sales performance would become better in the future? I seriously doubt it because YOU will be no different tomorrow from who YOU are today.

Successful sales professionals have the confidence to take risks that unsuccessful sales reps try to avoid.

The worst thing you can do that will absolutely sabotage your future sales success is continuing to do the same thing and assuming that you'll automatically improve. Come on sales peeps if you're struggling or stuck in a rut then get a grip and start working on yourself.

Nothing happens until you make it happen.

There's no instant improvement to your sales career that happens automatically without YOU working on YOU. If we want to get better then YOU have to work on it.

If YOU want to get better then YOU have to work on it! No freaking exceptions whatsoever!
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Did you know that only 31% of salespeople effectively drive conversations with senior executives?

I'm shocked and extremely concerned. A vast majority of those in sales just simply lack the confidence to sell at a higher level. As your business acumen grows so does your confidence level. Soon, you’ll be viewed as a sales professional who offers real value.

How can your clients or prospects trust you if you don’t communicate like an expert?

Invest in yourself and your confidence will soar!

  • Value yourself
  • Find your passion
  • Change your mindset
  • Build genuine and authentic relationships

Curious, does your inner voice think of your career as a living, breathing thing? I encourage you that in order to keep it alive, you must continually nourish it so it can grow and flourish.


A true sales professional takes responsibility to develop their gifts and talents, in order to best serve their clients. You must love yourself before you can expect your clients to love you.

Look in the mirror and repeat after me...

  • I'm worth it
  • I'm of value
  • I will create the best version of me
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Investing in yourself, sends a powerful message not only to you but to the business community. When you’re willing to say 'YES' to invest in yourself, your clients and prospects will provide you with amazing rewards.

Here's a question for all of you...

Do you value yourself?

I bet most of you shouted. "Hell yeah, I value myself!"

Well... then here's my next question...

How many hours this past week did you put into growing your sales career?

I'm concerned that many of us fail to put in the time and effort necessary to grow beyond our current abilities.

How many hours have you invested in YOU this week? Is it safe to say, "Not enough?"


Highly successful professionals, the best of the sales best, spend hours every week investing in themselves. They're committed to learning, growing, and expanding upon their current skill sets and knowledge.

There's no better investment you can make than in yourself.

Sales professionals recognize they are their most valuable asset. They understand every investment they make in themselves pays dividends now, next month, and into the future.

I get it and all those sales professionals get it! Sales is grueling. Sales is mentally challenging. You might even be burned out, exhausted, or drained.

Please realize that you're not alone. This is a part of sales and this will never change. But realize something: You have control of what happens and you have choices.

Stop waiting for the next great sales lead or whatever magical mysterious event you think will occur, such as the "sales easy switch". Start right now and invest in making yourself better.

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Become the real you. You need to get real, raw, and extremely honest with who you really are. Rip off the mask you're wearing. You can't wear the mask forever as this gets old and will eventually destroy your authentic self. Be the real you, not an imposter.

Invest in consistently nurturing your mindset, you'll build up a tolerance against negative thoughts, procrastination, self-doubt, and insecurities.

I encourage you to invest in your abilities. I challenge you both personally and professionally around these areas:

  • Seek to become an expert in your field of work
  • Constantly crave feedback on YOU
  • Become extremely honest with yourself
  • Never ever stop learning
Sales professionals take massive action

If you aren't satisfied with your sales career, take massive action to improve it. Listen to your inner voice. Start investing in yourself now.

"If you’re not invested you can't collect"
Leonard Tose

I will leave you to think about the following:

  • Who's helping you to define your sales goals?
  • Who's helping you to build an action plan?
  • Who's giving you direct advice to help you get to the next level?
  • Who's challenging and encouraging you to take ownership of your own success?

If you're serious about getting better, a coach should be in your future. There's no shame in asking for help. You never know what a fresh pair of eyes can see for your sales career, so why not seize the opportunity to be held accountable and become better? 

The investment you make in yourself could pay huge dividends. Growing sales is hard. It takes new ideas and fresh energy. I'd like to be your coach! Let's open and honestly talk about your career.

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