Sales Professionals Do Not Suffer From Social Attention Disorder, Do You?

sales leaders sales professionals May 03, 2020
“How starved you must have been that my heart became a meal for your ego.”
Amanda Torroni

We are still amid a crisis, however; one pandemic I've become witness to recently is known as SAD.

It's unfortunate but many are suffering from Social Attention Disorder or commonly known as SAD.

It's a rampant epidemic brought about by empty suits, facades and narcissistic digital behavior.

Many are fighting to been seen but how many are truly breaking free to be heard?

Self-absorbed with themselves you love using the word "I" and "Me" Folks, it's not about you!

Sales professionals are not consumed with winning the academy award for best social actor.

They are consumed with capturing the hearts and minds of their clients. They are consumed with helping their clients do better business. They are consumed with placing all their attention on their loved ones, their clients.


"Stop trying to impress me. I can make up my own mind about whether I like you; trust you; or even believe you. You don’t have to make up my mind for me."

Social platforms have become the hot spot for distortions, where the real versions of who we are remain backstage. We take selfies, photoshop, curate and upload the best we got.

Then we hold our breath and pray for some attention.

There’s a name for this mindless, self-serving appetite for attention and validation. It's called Social Attention Disorder. Others may call it digital narcissism.

Zoe Williams wrote a piece in The Guardian titled Me! Me! Me! Are We Living Through A Narcissism Epidemic?”, "the narcissist’s failure to achieve intimacy with anyone — as the result of them seeing other people like items in a vending machine, using them to service their own needs, never being able to acknowledge that others might have needs of their own, still less guess what they might be.”

Let's all stop and think for a moment... are we serving our clients own needs or fulfilling our own social egos?

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The social emperor has no clothes

Attention to all the social emperors and "grow my list" ego maniacs who promise to help grow your audience and your sales by buying their killer course for $299, what are you really doing this for? Are you really doing this because you care? Are you doing this because you love, appreciate and have compassion? Or, are you fulfilling your ego, pride and wallet?

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
Carl Jung


The antidote to digital narcissism or social attention disorder is authenticity. Rediscover who you are, commit to yourself in improving your career instead of endlessly tweaking your online persona in hopes of winning the social academy award.

Conversations, whether that be online, face to face or on the phone are the strongest sales tool you have in order to effectively build credible relationships between your clients, your prospects, your brand and your company.

Are you having meaningful conversations?

When's the last time you had a conversation and heard this...

“Wow, this was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had!”

Conversations build relationships, and relationships build businesses.

What do your clients care about? What does your marketplace care about? They don't care about your canned pitches, outlandish pattern interrupt videos, and braggadocious all about me messaging. Nobody cares that your sole intent is to win the social academy award.

Stop pitching and puking social crapola and start opening a human connection and conversation.

Put in the time to create truly, authentically connect. Remember the humanity in others.

Connect at the heart level. Connect on a real, relatable and relevant level.

A true sales professional knows their identity is not attached to winning the social academy award.

Imagine for a moment, if more ditched the empty rhetoric of the Internet and invested in their own personal and heartfelt growth, there wouldn't be as many empty suits and digital narcissists.


My question to all of you... What has happened to authenticity?

When you prance around as social painters, painting the social canvas with crap as many of you are jockeying for position to win the Oscar for best social picture, remember the person you're in front of may be saying this to themselves:

  • Do you see me?
  • Do you hear me?
  • Does what I say matter to you?

Allow me to leave you all with this... would you live in the social house you're creating?

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I understand, I get where you all are coming from. Every day, I walk in your shoes. I am fully committed to helping your sales team integrate social aspects and heartfelt strategies into your current sales process to grow new business. I want you to get results. This is why I am passionate about doing this the right way, the genuine way, the authentic way! It's about understanding value before visibility.

Selling From the Heart is making a difference! I poured my heart into every page of this book and I think you're going to love it. You can find it on Amazon in paperback, kindle and in audio. You can click on the book image below and this will take you to Amazon.

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You can find more material inside Selling From The Heart.

In a world full of empty suits, I'm passionate about helping sales reps succeed by getting valuable before they get visible. I help sales teams understand the true value they bring to the market. 

I appreciate getting the opportunity to share my stories. Integrating the use of social and sharing my story on LinkedIn was my “game-changer” in the highly competitive office technology world. With great pride I transform, challenge, coach and inspire sales teams to grow new business by helping them share their story and how they communicate it out by integrating the use of social inside the sales process. You can follow me on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and on my podcast by clicking on Selling from the Heart.

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