Sales Professionals Eat Curiosity For Breakfast, Are You?

sales leaders sales professionals Sep 27, 2020
"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."
- Walt Disney

Mediocre, average, ordinary or complacent - these would not be qualities associated with successful salespeople.

Curious professionals make an impact, achieve success and smash their sales targets.

Being insanely curious is a required character trait if you wish to master business disruptions.

All sales professionals put learning into overdrive, are you?

A naturally curious professional places themselves in the client’s shoes, digs in deep to uncover business barriers and then guides them down the road to business betterment.

“When you are curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” - Walt Disney

What is your daily appetite for curiosity?

Curiosity is essential. It drives your ability to make new connections and engage. The more engaged you become the more inclined you are to ask meaningful questions; the more you learn and uncover the more you grow the relationship.

  • A curious professional finds enthusiasm and interest in their career
  • A curious professional is open-minded
  • A curious professional is inquisitive and wants to know why
  • A curious professional is not shy to ask questions and seek out answers


Curiosity can be developed with the right mindset.

Words which come to mind with curious salespeople: intense desire to know something, eagerness, questioning, interested, detectives, thirst for knowledge and inquisitive.

Insanely curious salespeople are constantly thirsty for success!

Curiosity is mission critical to your sales success because it signals a hungry mind.

Being inquisitive, means you are open to new experiences. It is through these new experiences that you can generate more original ideas, leading to simple solutions to complex problems for your clients. 


Being curious means always wondering WHY. What is behind your sales WHY?

Curious salespeople think and act on a different plain. They identify and ask questions that solicit deeper results.

Sales reps ask surface level questions, sales professionals dig below the surface to uncover the root cause.


According to the Oxford dictionary, curiosity is a strong desire to know or learn something.

Those that latch onto curiosity and are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it and then turn it inside out.

I truly believe it’s more effective to act as if no one knows you or recognizes the value you bring as this makes you have to prove it every day.

Curious salespeople have no issues asking their clients...

  • What value do my services, products or solutions create for you? 
  • What does value-add look like to you?

Sustaining value in the minds of your customers requires persistence and extreme focus.

This is what curious salespeople are all about... an obsession with understanding value.


Average sales reps always make excuses and point fingers for everything bad that happens to them. It’s the economy, the leads are weak, the competition has better products, buyers are idiots, we’re too expensive, our service is horrible; stop the freaking excuses!

Curious salespeople see all of this as learning opportunities.

They learn to do something different and practice different ways of progressing towards achieving sales success.

They view roadblocks as learning opportunities and become obsessed with the identifying as many ways as possible to improve.

A curious sales professional applies a beginner's mind.

Are you constantly on the lookout and open-minded for new and novel ways of enhancing your sales career?


The top sales professionals know their clients deserve more than just a "check-in or touching base" phone call.

They recognize the importance of exploring their clients' beliefs, challenges, what drives them and most importantly, what they want to accomplish.

Innately curious salespeople are ready to ask the right questions, provide the right insight and respond with answers.

I am curious...

  • Are you making sure your clients feel special before, during and after doing business with you?
  • Are you making your clients feel important?
  • Do your clients feel that you care about them?
  • Do your clients feel like they can trust you?

Curious salespeople focus on developing conversations, not sales campaigns. It is about opening up human to human conversation.

When was the last time you had a conversation with one of your clients that did not involve trying to sell them something?

What would it look like for you if you became more curious on behalf of your clients?

What could you help your clients do better?

With curious intent, spend some time with your clients and ask them how you have been enhancing their experience with you?


The one thing separating successful salespeople and others who are merely surviving or should I say, being complacent; is their desire to learn as curiosity ignites it.

Successful salespeople never stop learning. In turn, they translate their new understandings into innovative ideas for their clients. 

I encourage you to break out of complacent, default modes of thinking. Recycling old ideas with traditional sales approaches doesn't help you smash your targets or satisfy your clients.

Operate within your sales career based upon curiosity. 

In the words of the great Albert Einstein...

"The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing."
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