A Selling From The Heart Professional Wages War Against Sales Whiners And Mediocrity

Aug 03, 2020
"To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart"
Thomas Watson, Sr.

Today’s selling environment is turbulent and full of turmoil. It's much more challenging and complex than ever before.

Is it me or has the gap widened between a sales rep and a sales professional?

Substance, sincerity and heart... where has it gone?

In uncertain and challenging times, sales professionals rise to the occasion. They recharge and reactivate their heart. Unfortunately, the opposite happens with sales reps. They whine, moan and groan as they beat themselves up with the mediocrity mallet.

According to the Urban Dictionary, whining can be defined as...

"Someone who won't stop complaining about everybody else, but yet gets mad when they hear other people complain. They usually pay more attention how other people make them feel than to what they are actually saying."

Sales whining and mediocrity is at an all-time high. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has put it on the "Watch" list as complaining by salespeople. 

Why are some many in sales mediocre and afraid to think big?

A mediocre sales rep operates in a state of acceptance and works according to average standards, just getting by; barely making it. Operating with mediocrity creates a mindset that living in the comfort zone is acceptable.

Too many sales reps are comfortable living in mediocrity. They choose to follow in the footsteps taken by many other sales reps because they believe it provides a sense of security.

There are way too many sales reps out there who believe they are 'A' players but in actuality they are nothing more than 'C' players hiding inside an empty suit

A mediocre mindset prevents those from becoming the best version of themselves. They settle by following other like-minded sales reps down the same mediocre sales road, terrified of taking the steps towards loftier sales goals.

You can survive and get by operating with a mediocre mindset but you'll never thrive. You'll always be among the other "me too" sales reps. 

A "me too" sales rep follows the other "me too" sales reps, mirroring and mimicking their every move; just like the pied piper. This keeps them all average as they suffer in togetherness through the same problems afflicting a majority of today's sales teams.


Taking a risk is scary. Within our sales lives, each one of us will face a risky decision. One can decide to take the risk, leading them down the road to betterment or avoid it, staying mediocre. When the time comes, many simply freeze, stopping dead in their tracks becoming afraid to go for what they desire, a better sales life.

When the going gets tough, whiners worry and weep.

It's the numbing of the mind that condemns one to mediocrity. Whenever you come across risk, search within your heart and go for it. This requires courage and resilience. Rest assured, you will survive and lead a fulfilling sales life.

Whiners look at external blame rather than internal responsibilities.


A selling from the heart professional takes the art of professional selling seriously. They study the profession. They read, learn and continuously grow; nurturing their mind knowing it pays off in the long run. They understand the road to success takes time and patience.

They hold themselves accountable to never becoming mediocre.

Here are some truths you should know about a selling from the heart professional:


A selling from the heart professional commits to a practice routine, just like that of professional athletes. They understand the process of developing their talents will have obstacles along the way. They embrace the challenge by getting better every day. They understand failure is another challenge, a roadblock to overcome. 

They have a non-negotiable mindset. They consistently hone in their skills around prospecting, networking, asking great questions, uncovering their value, presenting their value, advancing their career and most importantly serving their clients.

Top athletes encourage feedback from their coaches, using it to focus on areas of improvement. The same can be said for a heartfelt sales professional.

A less successful sales rep will tend to dismiss, ignoring feedback and focus on the person providing it, rather than using it as an opportunity to reflect and grow. Does this sound all too familiar?

Stop whining and start working on your sales heart!


There's no one single thing that makes a great sales career, it's a bunch of little things done well, every single day. It's consistent prospecting, building a strategic network, gaining business knowledge, self-awareness, practicing the art of conversation and time management, to name a few.

I encourage you, stop looking for the one thing to propel you to greatness. Instead, focus on developing your personal and professional skills.

A heartfelt sales professional chases their potential with patience, purpose and passion. They understand their clients, their family and their career desperately need the best version of themselves.

Patience takes time and a conscious effort to master.

A professional understands impatience leads to their demise.


The highest calling for a selling from the heart professional is to serve others. They understand serving the interests of others by helping them overcome challenges in order to achieve their goals is a satisfying way to live their sales life.

Life is truly lived through moments of service to our fellow human beings. These individuals find absolute joy and contentment in serving their clients.

Seek to be 'great', if you want to be 'successful', learn to become a servant. Stop selling…Start serving... Start being a leader of yourself.

  • Servants seek to make themselves available to serve
  • Servants seek to pay attention to others needs
  • Servants seek to do every task with equal dedication
"Actions speak louder than words when serving with the heart"


A mediocre sales rep easily gives up in their quest to become a heartfelt sales professional.

Why do they do this? It's because pursuing this lifestyle is lonely, hard work and often goes against the general opinions shared by other sales reps.

Being mediocre is the classic stick or twist. Are you going to hold on to what you have or take the gamble in search of more? All too often, sales reps stick with what they know because it's safe. 

Success is exciting and so is failure. Mediocrity? Well that's a decision you need to make!

"The price of excellence is discipline. The cost of mediocrity is disappointment."    
William Arthur Ward
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I understand, I get where you all are coming from. Every day, I walk in your shoes. I am fully committed to helping your sales team integrate social aspects and heartfelt strategies into your current sales process to grow new business. I want you to get results. This is why I am passionate about doing this the right way, the genuine way, the authentic way! It's about understanding value before visibility.

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In a world full of empty suits, I'm passionate about helping sales reps succeed by getting valuable before they get visible. I help sales teams understand the true value they bring to the market. 

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