Yiddish Words Belong In Sales... Oy Vey They Do!

larry levine Aug 15, 2022
Yiddish Words Belong In Sales... Oy Vey They Do!

he ass, nagger, and nuisance!

SPIEL - translated means to give a long-winded speech about why people should do something.

When you meet with a new prospect, they don't want to hear your spiel... In other words, a long-winded sales presentation around how great you are, how great your company is, how great your products are, and all the promises I know you'll break.

Make it about them! Share with them how much you know about their business, why you and how much you care about them.


My grandpa was a self-educated man. He had to drop out of school before the age of 10 to help support his family. His first job was working in the tobacco fields in Mississippi in the 1920's.

He always stressed to me you must have "Chutzpah" to succeed out in the real world.

My grandpa faced a ton of fears at a very early age, as do I and as do you. He would always tell me... "Each time you face your fears, you make a deposit into your chutzpah account."

The battles in life whether won or lost produce more chutzpah. Think about how this can play out for you in your sales career.

Chutzpah seasoned with charm translates as enthusiasm.

Charm strengthened by chutzpah reminds your clients and future clients you have a respectable, professional purpose.

Loaded with both, you can win and sell with confidence.

To quote Rabbi Tzvi Freeman,

"You have to recognize the world is not about you. There is some purpose, something that you and only you are going to have to get done. So chutzpah is the attitude where you say, ‘Nothing is going to stop me from making that happen.’"

Call it moxie, courage, guts, or chutzpah. Call it what you will. You better use it to make it happen, to stand out from all the other sales reps who all walk, talk and look the same.

Chutzpah just another way of saying no guts, no glory in sales.

I encourage you, give chutzpah a try. Chances are that your real clients and future clients will find it to be a refreshing change.

Thank you so much for going on this Yiddish journey with me.

Originally published on Larry Levine's LinkedIn

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