Talking with Terry Lancaster on the Get Ya’ Some Radio Show recently was a blast. We discussed one of my favorite topics: commission breath. Check it out.

Show Notes

If your social media strategy primarily involves stalking strangers on Facebook and asking them to give you money, I’m not sure you understand the meaning of the word “social.”

Larry Levine, today’s guest on The Get Ya Some Radio Show and author of Selling From The Heart, says that too many salespeople wade into social media looking for an opportunity to make a sale when the purpose is to make a friend.

Look for opportunities every day to start and continue conversations that might lead to selling opportunities AFTER you’ve engaged with the customer enough to find the problems they have that are in need of solutions.

Today’s buyers are wicked smart. They’ve heard all the lines, seen all flashy presentations, and video. They can tell when you’re offering a helping hand or just looking for a quick buck.

Buyers can smell commission breath from a mile away. It’s like bad cheese.

That’s when you’re more worried about what’s in it for you than what’s in it for them, more worried about making your quota than solving their problems.

And commission breath turns all salespeople into commodities who look, sound and smell exactly alike.

But if you’re genuinely trying to help, trying to be the real, authentic you, you have no competition. 

How can you? You’re the only you there’s ever been.

The problem is that too few salespeople KNOW who they really are, what they actually want or the values they truly stand for.

So salespeople bounce from job to job, career to career chasing commissions and missing quotas.

Larry says when you take the time for self reflection, take the voyage of self discovery, and take the money off the top of the to do list, you can start aligning your values and your purpose with the solutions you offer and the customers you serve.

That’s selling from the heart, and I promise you it smells and sells a lot better than commission breath!

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