Bringing The Goods With Helpful Content with Special Guest: Brian Signorelli

Season #1

This week we are joined by Brian Signorelli (Twitter).  Not only is he a living example of selling from the heart, also lives on the cutting edge of sales enablement in his role as the Director of the Global Sales Program for HubSpot. Brian is also the co-host of the Yin and Yang Show, one of our favorite marketing and sales podcasts.

In this episode, Larry, Darrell, and Bryan explore the importance of sincerity and truly wanting to help clients and prospects. This gets transferred into building relationships both in person and online. Then, we discuss how to build an online social presence that adds value by sharing (and reading!) content that's helpful to your buyers.

Show Notes

HubSpot provides leading sales enablement and marketing automation tools. Check out their sales blog for helpful ideas. 

The Yin and Yang Show with Brian Signorelli and Lindsay Kelley bridges the gap between sales and marketing. You'll love this podcast. Here are links to some episodes with Larry.