The Skills of an Authentic Sales Professional

In the new economy authenticity is the sales skill that can differentiate your sales team. In this inspirational keynote your team will learn genuine ways to interact with prospects and clients that generate action and results.

Social Sales Strategies

In this session your reps will learn the foundations of social selling that propelled me to 165% of quota in a zero-based territory in just one year. 

Stop the Excuses

This presentation challenges reps to get honest about their motivations, plans, and actions. Sales reps will discover how to get rid of the sales chaos and bring consistency to their activity.

Servant Led Selling

Inspire your sales team to take the attitude of a servant. They’ll learn how to approach prospects and clients with an attitude of service. They’ll discover the power of community involvement.

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About Larry Levine


Speaking Philosophy

Start With the Heart

Real change in sales results starts with the heart. We need to peel away the layers of sales tactics to get to the root issues of the heart: authenticity, belief, and values. This is where true motivation comes from. Tactics are OK, but to affect real change, we need to get to the heart of the matter.

Don’t Pull Punches

Sometimes you need someone to say the things that others are afraid to say. When you engage me, you will get a raw, relatable and right to the heart of the matter. I don’t sugar-coat the truth. I’ll be tactfully honest and courageously transparent with your sales team.

Make It Real

Philosophy and ideas only get you so far. The real question lies with, “Does this work in the real world?” When you engage me to speak I’ll captivate the audience using real-world stories to capture their attention, get them to think and bring practical application to the skills they are learning.

Inspire Immediate Action

Knowledge that stays in the training room is useless. Every presentation includes multiple action items. Where possible, I like to get sales people taking action during the session itself. Each session will include practical action items that participants can do and managers can inspect.

Customize Your Event

We’re here to make your event special, memorable, and most of all, effective. All of our sessions are customized to your goals. Contact us today to learn more.

Larry Levine

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