How Sales Professionals Can Build Trust Quickly With Prospects And Clients To Earn $100K, $200K, And Beyond Without Selling Their Soul

How To Master The Trust Formula

The purpose of this class is to introduce you to The Trust Formula, a powerful framework for building trust with prospects and clients. The ideas you learn in this class will help you sell more, increase your commissions, and experience more fulfillment.

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Meet Your Trust Building Experts: Larry Levine And Darrell Amy

Larry Levine

Darrell Amy

After three successful decades in B2B sales in the highly-competitive Los Angeles market, I (Larry) made a personal commitment to teach other sales professionals to implement the skills I was using that yielded success in a highly commoditized industry. Along with my dear friend and sales trainer, Darrell Amy we decided to launch Social Sales Academy. 

While we were training reps how to integrate LinkedIn and social into their selling style, we had an epiphany. We realized the real issue wasn’t social. The issue was trust. Specifically, the issue was that prospects and clients are more skeptical than ever.

During that time, we launched the Selling From the Heart podcast. Larry wrote his book, Selling From the Heart: How Your Authentic Self Sells You. The book not only became a hit, being recognized in the top 100 books of all time. It ended up launching a movement of authenticity in the sales profession.

After training salespeople on three continents and talking to hundreds of sales influencers on the podcast, we had a lightbulb moment:

The number one obstacle to sales is lack of trust.

That’s when we set out to dig deep to extract the core of what was working when it came to building trust.

The result: The Trust Formula!

We put all of this together in a Master Class that you can experience in less than 40 minutes of your time.

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Here’s what you’ll learn…

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 Mastering The Trust Formula Tools & Resources

Trust Formula Cheat Sheet

To help you remember what you learn—and put it into practice right away—you’ll receive access to the Trust Formula Cheat Sheet.

Selling From the Heart Manifesto

You’ll get a copy of our manifesto, a declaration of authenticity in the sales profession.

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