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Amy Franko-My Journey to Becoming a Modern Seller

Amy Franko-My Journey to Becoming a Modern Seller

Finding herself stuck in the quicksand of selling in a commoditized market, Amy Franko knew she had to do something different. This began her journey towards becoming a modern seller that is agile, entrepreneurial, holistic, social, and an ambassador. Fortunately, she documented her journey in her new book, The Modern Seller.

Carson Heady-How To Build Credibility In the C-Suite

Whether you sell to Fortune 1000 executives or SMB’s you’ll appreciate Carson Heady’s wisdom and passion. He is the author of Birth of a Salesman. He’s also a Strategic Field Executive for Microsoft, working with c-level executives on a regular basis. You’ll get practical insights on how to build credibility with top level decision makers by building your brand and being fanatical about follow up. “The small conversations ARE the big conversations.”

James Franz-Coaching For High Performance Sales Reps

Every high performance professional has a coach. This week we’re joined by James Franz to discuss the power of having a coach to develop your sales career. In this episode we discuss the natural dynamic between managers and reps that makes a third-party coach so valuable. 

#Outbound2019 Takeaways

Live from the 2019 Outbound Conference, Larry Levine and Darrell Amy are joined with Selling From the Heart friends, Jeff Bajorek, Bernadette McClelland, and Christie Walters. We’ll discuss some of our key takeaways from this idea-packed event.

Get Valuable Before You Get Visible… Or You’ll Get Vetted

In anticipation of Larry Levine’s session at the Outbound Conference this week we’re talking about the importance of getting valuable before you get visible. As sales professionals we all want to be seen by our prospects. However, we must be careful to make sure we are bringing value. What can that value look like? Darrell Amy shares some ideas from his upcoming book on different sources of value.

Paul Haury-Building Belonging With Buyers

Buyers size up sales reps in a split second to determine if you are friend or foe. Get coached this week by Paul Haury, a passionate evangelist for heart-based leadership. You’ll learn how to make sure you get put in the “friend” column, not the “foe” column with potential buyers using the C-E-O method.

Dianna Geairn and Shawn Karol Sandy-You Can’t Fake the Funk

You can’t fake the funk! So say Dianna Geairn and Shawn Karol Sandy, hosts of the videocast, The Sell Out Show. Shawn begins the conversation by sharing on-the-street research she is doing with buyers, asking them about their experiences with sales reps. There are so many nuggets of truth in this conversation. 

Max Altschuler-Authentic Sales Engagement Strategies

How do you engage in an authentic way with prospects in clients in today’s world of digital communication? This week, you’ll meet Max Altschuler, founder of Sales Hacker and  co-author of the new book, Sales Engagement, How The World’s Fastest Growing Companies are Modernizing Sales Through Humanization at Scale. You’ll discover practical ways to engage using multiple communication platforms in an authentic manner.

Dan Willis-Relational Sales Strategies From the Millennial Motivator

Meet the Millennial Motivator himself, Dan Willis. An avid Youtuber and video guru, Dan creates daily content aimed at helping business and entrepreneurs in creating, engaging and inspiring the millennial marketplace. At the core, Dan believes in genuine engagement with people. You’ll be challenged and inspired to take positive action to engage in new ways with your clients and prospects.

Dana Cavalea-Habits of Sales Champions

Champions in professional sports and professional sales have one thing in common: great habits! This week you’ll get coached by Dana Cavalea, former strength coach of the World Series Champion New York Yankees and author of Habits of a Champion.

Morgan Ingram-Keep a Steady Mindset

This week the host of the SDR Chronicles Podcast, Morgan Ingram joins us for an engaging exploration of how to rise above the noise when prospecting for new business. You’ll be challenged to build your value and deliver your message in the “way that’s you!” Get ready to be challenged and encouraged to keep a steady mindset as you grow your business.

Mike Schultz-Meaning, Value, and Sales Success

Mike Schultz, co-author of Insight Selling: Surprising Research on What Sales Winners Do Differently and President of The Rain Group joins us this week to discuss authentic selling. Based on research data, Mike shares the importance of bringing real ideas to table to provide true value to buyers. You’ll be challenged to bring meaning to your sales conversations and to shift your mindset to an advanced consultative selling model. 

Roderick Jefferson-Authentic Sales Enablement

Few people know more about the topic of sales enablement than this week’s guest, Roderick Jefferson. Having worked with the biggest names in sales and marketing technology, Roderick is passionate about helping sales organizations develop and execute effective sales enablement strategies. He’s also passionate about authenticity. The combination of his expertise and his passion has led to an engaging and informative episode you’re going to love!

Mark Hunter-Prospecting With Substance and Vision

Brace yourself for a challenging and inspirational conversation about prospecting with The Sales Hunter himself! This week we talk with Selling From the Heart Champion, Mark Hunter, author of High Profit Prospecting. If you want to grow your pipeline, you are going to love this honest conversation about prospecting. Enjoy!

Tim Ohai-Problem Centric Selling

Tim Ohai joins us for a powerful exploration of the power of problems. Authentic sales professionals bring both sincerity and substance. They ask their prospects about their business problems and go a level deeper to understand their core business goals.

The Power Of Your Backstory as a Sales Professional

Every sales rep knows the story of the company and the story of their products. But in a sea of sameness, one of the best ways to differentiate yourself is to know your own backstory. In this episode, you’ll discover the power of understanding your backstory. You’ll learn how to bridge your backstory with unique, differentiating value that can help you win.

How To Attract Ideal Clients

Think of your favorite clients to work with. What would it mean to you if you had a dozen more of these clients? This could make 2019 the most successful year ever! In this episode Larry Levine and Darrell Amy outline a strategy to attract more ideal clients. 

What We Learned In 2018

With the new year upon us we pause to reflect on the biggest sales lessons we learned in 2018. In this episode, Larry Levine and Darrell Amy share the practices and lessons that most influenced their success over the past year. You’ll leave challenged to reflect on what you learned and how you can continue to grow in 2019.

Maryellen May-Taking the Sales Head Trash to the Curb

This week we’re joined by Maryellen May, a sales coach with deep experience in emotional intelligence. In this episode we talk about how to identify and overcome the “head trash” that all sales professionals deal with.

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