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Why sales is harder than ever.

Sales requires trust. We live in a post-trust world.

No wonder it feels harder to sell than ever. The number one thing salespeople need to sell is trust. Yet, we are selling in a world where trust is at an all-time low.  

55% of CEOs think lack of trust is a threat to their organization's growth.

PWC, Global CEO Survey

49% of consumers started purchasing or purchased more because of trust.

PWC, Trust in Business Survey


Trust is built from actions taken by businesses and the leaders that guide them.

Deloitte, The Link Between Trust and Economic Prosperity

More Trust = More Sales.

Sales professionals that build trust at each stage of the sales process win more deals. 


Developing trust while prospecting opens more doors and sets the stage for success.


Building relationships of trust with multiple decision-makers and influencers increases win rates.

Client Management

Sustaining trust after the initial sale creates an environment that facilitates cross-selling.

The Trust Formula

The key ingredients sales professionals can master to develop and sustain trust.

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"Every now and then I encounter a book that is both challenging and inspiring. Larry Levine's Selling From the Heart is just such a book. It calls you out in areas you know you can do better in while revving up your enthusiasm and motivation."

James Muir
The Perfect Close

"This book isn't one of those fluffy sales books that you read and have no way to act on. Selling from the Heart captures what it truly means to be successful in sales. It's not about the commission check, but rather helping people achieve their goals whatever they may be. I don't normally read for enjoyment, but I could not put this book down."

Lee Salz
Author, Sell Different

"Loved the audio even more than the book because it's read by the author, Larry Levine. You hear his passion and commitment to others come through in each chapter. I've been listening to it non-stop since I downloaded it this morning. I don't normally buy multiple versions of a book but I'm sure glad i did it with Selling From the Heart.''

Mark Hunter
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Sales Development as a Corporate Priority

When you look at your P&L Statement, top line revenue drives the rest of the business. Sales drives revenue. Smart, data-driven investments in sales skills with measurable results are a key lever to drive success.



Get a window into the black box of sales to ensure your investments flourish.

We provide a practical way to do the due diligence on the sales teams in your portfolio companies. Once the areas for improvement are identified, we then share with the total amount of revenue potential locked in your teams. Then, we help you unlock and reach the potential.



You Are Not Alone

Discover a community of like-hearted sales professionals that believe in authenticity and trust. Get encouraged and equipped to drive new levels of success and enjoyment from your sales career.



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Join Larry and Darrell for fun and informative conversations with sales thought leaders.



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