Due diligence for the sales teams in your portfolio companies.

Get a window into the black box of sales to ensure your investments flourish.

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Identify the

Develop a 

Create an 

Expect better performance from your investments?

When investing in a company it is critical to understand the growth opportunities in their sales team. 

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Discover how you can support growth in your profile companies.

Rethink How You Grow Sales In Your Portfolio Companies

Why not take a comprehensive approach that optimizes your sales reps, sales leaders, and sales processes?


Coaching To Develop Leadership and Management Skills


Bite-Sized Sales Training Delivered with Social Reinforcement


Playbooks and Talking Points for a Consistent  Customer Experience

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Discover how you can support growth in your profile companies.

Sales + Strategy = Valuation Growth

Larry Levine and Darrell Amy deliver the one-two punch for top-line revenue growth.

A Guide For Sales

Selling From the Heart is especially pertinent to highly relational industries where trust, rapport, and understanding client needs are paramount. Larry Levine's book emphasizes the importance of authenticity, empathy, and genuine connection as the cornerstone to establishing and nurturing these relationships.

The book provides invaluable insights and strategies for professionals in these sectors to cultivate meaningful relationships that not only lead to sales success but also foster long-term client loyalty and referrals.

A Playbook For Strategy

Revenue Growth Engine by Darrell Amy is a vital resource for companies aiming to empower their sales teams with the tools needed for substantial growth. The book places particular emphasis on constructing detailed sales playbooks that provide structured guidelines, tactics, and scripts, ensuring that sales representatives can effectively engage with prospects and close deals more efficiently.

Through a combination of best practices, actionable strategies, and real-world examples, Revenue Growth Engine helps sales teams to build a robust framework for sales execution, which propels exponential revenue growth.

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Leverage Our Proven Process

No need to reinvent the wheel here.

1. Identify the ROADBLOCKS

Lift the hood on your sales team to understand why your company is underperforming and what you can do about it.

Objective Advice

You get an independent 150-page evaluation of your sales team from our assessment partner, Objective Management Group. Based on millions of surveys over 40 years, the report benchmarks your company against peers in your industry. 

360 Degree View

Your sales performance is based on a 360 degree view that includes: 

  1. Sales Leadership
  2. Individual Sales Reps
  3. Sales Process
ROI Focus

Your report will give you a realistic understanding of how much more revenue your current team could be driving if the team were optimized.

2. Develop a ROADMAP

Once you understand the roadblocks to your growth it's time to develop a 12-month roadmap to optimize sales leadership, sales skills, and sales process.

Coach Leaders

Each sales leader receives one-on-one coaching to improve skills based on the assessment. They also master the art of coaching their reps and developing a sales culture.

Develop Sales Skills

Salespeople develop core skills in prospecting, selling, and client management. To minimize time out of the field, raining is delivered in bite-sized chunks with role play and reinforced inside a private learning community 

Create Playbooks

To ensure consistency and smoother onboarding, sales people get playbooks including talking points for each stage of the sales process. 

The Trust Formula

The Trust Formula

Trust is the critical factor for landing new customers and cross-selling more to current clients.

We incorporate the trust formula into each aspect of the sales process. Trust is built as your sales team develops Authentic Relationships while delivering Meaningful Value. Trust accelerates as the sales team creates an Inspirational Experience while consistently executing with Disciplined Habits. 


With a clear view of the roadblocks and a development roadmap in place you will be able to track your ROI over time.

Increased Sales

With more effective sales leadership and more productive sales people you'll enjoy seeing growth in top line revenue and EBITDA.

Reduced Turnover Expense

Happy and productive salespeople stay engaged instead of looking for the next best opportunity.

Confident Growth

When you are ready to grow your team or open new locations you can feel confident that you have everything you need to scale up your team.


What Other Companies Are Experiencing

“Applying what I have learned from Larry Levine and Selling from the Heart has transformed the way our organization views and approaches relationships.”
Kevin Hambrice
TerraSource Global

“When Covanta Environmental Solutions wanted to increase sales productivity and build greater sales muscle, I turned to Selling from the Heart.”
Bob Goldberg
VP, Commercial Governance & Excellence

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