Sales Leaders... How Would Your Clients Describe Your Salespeople?

Nov 29, 2021
Sales Leaders... How Would Your Clients Describe Your Salespeople?
"The problems in describing a person are essentially problems of knowing a person."
Donald Antrim

Let's all pause for a moment...

How well do your salespeople know their clients and how well do your clients know your salespeople?

How would your clients describe your salespeople?

Are your salespeople creating business betterment or are they more worried about pushing products?

Your clients hold the keys to your success. They're no longer at the mercy of you, your team, or your company. In fact, they're more interested in the experience your team provides as opposed to your products or services.

Your clients and their needs are constantly changing, it's up to your sales team to understand how to help?

Would you know how well your team is keeping up with what they need?

Client experience goes beyond service.

I would like for you to pause, reflect and think about the following...

In a few words, how would your clients best describe the experience they're receiving from your salespeople?

Come on, I'm waiting for the words. What would they be?

  • Are they personalizing the level of service?
  • Are they in consistent contact?
  • Are they listening to your clients?

If you are struggling to answer, then I imagine this one will be difficult as well...

How well is your team creating positive experiences and memories?

In this highly competitive business world, how the heck are your salespeople standing out with your most precious asset, your clients?

Whose fault is it that they are being pigeon-holed as a commodity?

When was the last time someone on your sales team has dug deep, spoke from the heart, and asked... what words would you use to describe the support being provided to you?

H. Ross Perot sums it up nicely,

“Spend a lot of time talking to customers face-to-face. You’d be amazed at how many companies don’t listen to their customers.”

Are you committed?

Are you willing to do what is necessary?

Then, let's get started down the road towards client betterment.


“What we really need is a mindset shift that will make us relevant to today’s consumers, a mindset shift from telling to selling to building relationships.” 
Jim Stengel

Deep client relationships turn into a long-term, consistent and profitable business.

Can you honestly answer the following?

  • How well do your salespeople really understand what your largest clients want?
  • Do they understand what they desire?
  • Are they even relevant in their eyes?

Gut check time, isn't it?

Now, I would like for you to think about some of your largest clients, got it? Think about how much they mean to you and your company.

What would it mean to you, your salespeople and your company if you lost any of your largest clients?

Your clients are the single most important factor towards your long-term success. Therefore, the more successful your salespeople become in understanding and forming meaningful relationships with your clients, the more successful you will become.

In a world where trust is at rock bottom, no wonder many (yes some of your clients) are skeptical about what your salespeople say, how they say it, and why they say it.

Again, I will ask you, how well does your sales team know their clients?


Walker Group is a full-service Experience Management (XM) firm. In a report published a few years ago, they went on to say that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020.

Let's all pause, now reflect upon the last few years, and then read the above statement again.

Client experience and their perception of your salespeople is reality.

Cold doses of raw feedback are necessary to grow. Feedback from your clients are the vitamins and minerals your salespeople need to grow a healthy relationship.

I'm pointing this all out for a reason, as there just might be a monumental gap between what your clients think of your salespeople versus what your salespeople are sharing with you.

How your clients perceive your salespeople might be the key to exponential sales growth.

  • How many of you right now, at this very moment, understand the impact this has on you?
  • How many of your clients see your salespeople as being available and helpful to them?
  • How many of your clients think of your salespeople as being heartfelt, caring, and trustworthy or unreliable, arrogant, and pompous?

Building meaningful relationships with your clients is not a light switch you turn on then off. It's the emotional connection, the human connection, and the heartfelt connection you and your salespeople make with each one of them.

How well are your salespeople connecting with their clients?

Trust me on this one... your salespeople failing to truly connect with their clients will lead to disconnection and we know what happens when this occurs.


"All problems exist in the absence of a good conversation."
Thomas Leonard

Merriam-Webster defines conversation as an,

Oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas.

"We had talk enough but no conversation; there was nothing discussed."
Samuel Johnson

Are your salespeople talking with your clients or engaged in conversation with your clients?

I'm concerned!

I believe very few salespeople are having meaningful conversations with their clients outside of the selling process.

How many new relationships are being developed inside your client base right now by your salespeople?

What's preventing your team from truly getting to know your clients?

How well are your salespeople making your clients feel before, during, and after doing business with them?

  • What words would they use to describe how your salespeople make them feel?
  • What words would they use to describe how your salespeople care about them?
  • What words would they use to describe how much they trust your salespeople?

Meaningful and credible relationships matter. This is built through consistent, caring, and collaborative conversations.

Your clients should be able to share without hesitation the words they would use to describe your salespeople. If not, then you all have some work to do.

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