Sales Professionals... Growth Doesn't Happen By Looking In The Rearview Mirror.

blog Nov 15, 2021
"You do not move ahead by constantly looking in the rearview mirror. The past is a rudder to guide you, not an anchor to drag you. We must learn from the past but not live in the past."
Warren W. Wiersbe

It is human nature to review our past. After all, it is what has led us to where we are today.

Our sales past is familiar. We know what happened, however; our sales future is scary and full of the unknown.

Henry David Thoreau so eloquently said,

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way” 

I am concerned that many in sales are stuck as they are still looking into the rearview mirror.

They have become prisoners, trapped within their past success, hoping and praying their past success will carry them into the future.

Let this one sink in for a moment... The way it was is not the way it will be.

Sales growth doesn't occur looking through the rearview mirror of past sales success

We all know the business world is competitive and chaotic.

Therefore sales professionals always take charge, rise up and double down on themselves.

One of my favorite rock bands growing up was Boston. 40 years later the lyrics within this song are as relevant today as ever.

It's a new horizon and I'm awakin' now
Oh I see myself in a brand new way
The sun is shinin'
The clouds are breakin'
Cause I can't lose now, there's no game to play

I get it, it is human nature to review our past. After all, it is what has led us to where we are today.

However, many in sales are stuck in the past, dwelling on the past and wishing what was will be.

How can you see yourself in a brand-new way when you allow your past sales success to stunt your future sales growth?

What do you think could happen to your sales results if you consistently look forward as opposed to reliving your sales past?

Our past is familiar. Our past is comforting. However, our past is sometimes numbing. The past is called the past for a reason. The future is unknown, scary, and nerve-racking. Growth happens when we stretch our minds.

“Focusing on your history robs you of your destiny”
Bishop T.D. Jakes

Sales professionals learn to win the war in their minds. They understand that a growth-fueled mindset will future proof their sales career.

You see, the business world has changed, your clients have changed, your community has changed... so the question becomes have you changed?

If what you see in the sales rearview mirror never changes, you’ve parked yourself in the past.

Sales professionals shift themselves into overdrive. They put their foot all the way down on the gas pedal as they drive their career forward by cruising within the relevancy fast lane.


“The strongest force in the universe is a human being living consistently with his identity.”
Tony Robbins

What sets you apart? Why should people choose you? Or learn from you? Or listen to you? Or do business with you? Or even have a conversation with you?

Are you truly an exceptional sales professional? If you answered yes, WHY do you think so?

What specific skill do you bring at this very moment that allows you to stand out from the other salespeople out there?

I encourage you to look in the mirror and ask yourself...

  • Am I reading to feed my brain?
  • Am I making a difference?
  • Am I going the extra mile for my clients?
  • Am I serving others?
  • Am I serving the cause?
  • Am I developing a deep, genuine concern for my clients?

Gut check moment, isn't it?

Unfortunately, way too many of you in sales are stuck looking into the rearview mirror waiting, wondering, and wallering around operating in a state of complacency.

What got you to where you're at in sales today will not keep you there moving into the future.


How can you become relevant if your focus is looking in the rearview mirror?

Each one of you is unique and different. Then my question to all those in sales... Why do you all walk, talk and act the same? Becoming relevant just might be the key to your sales success.

In this highly competitive digitally-driven business environment, it is mission-critical to stay relevant, competitive, marketable, and yes, desirable. You MUST make sure that you’re continuously improving and evaluating yourself regularly.

"The longer we keep looking back in the rearview mirror, it takes away from everything that's moving forward."
Dan Quinn

How many of you are speaking and thinking in the past tense?

How many tenured salespeople out there are relying on what got them to where they are at to get them where they need to be?


Rearview mirrors are small. How many of you have lost sight of what's in front of you because your focus has been on what's behind you?

Sales professionals are sales hungry. They are lifelong learners.

You must become an educator. You can't become an educator without being a student first.

You must gain a thirst for new knowledge. You need to stay up to date on new developments, always looking for trends and changes before they happen.

Get uncomfortable, it's okay. Show up every day and be present. Sit with the discomfort.

"You can make excuses or you can make progress but you cant make both"
Craig Groeschel

Acknowledge discomfort. Shake hands with it, get used to it, and welcome it on the journey to better yourself.

How can many of you in sales grow if you're constantly carrying your own dead sales weight of the past?

Way too many of you are living in yesteryear. You will consistently struggle with the mentality of ‘that's the way I've done it.

In today's sales world, looking in the rearview mirror will stunt your sales growth.

I ask you to think about the following questions...

  • Am I reaching my sales potential?
  • How do I rise up and rise to the top in sales?

I encourage you to take a very personal look at how you define success in your heart of hearts and then find your path to get there.

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