Attention Sales World... Create Massive Discipline Around These Three Areas And Watch Your Sales Revenue Soar!

larry levine Jun 05, 2023
Attention Sales World... Create Massive Discipline Around These Three Areas And Watch Your Sales Revenue Soar!
“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” 
Jim Rohn

Are you willing to become radically disciplined?

Are you willing to place practice on a pedestal, honoring it daily?

Can mastering discipline become the key driver to your sales success? I believe it can.

We can view self-discipline as the ability to resist immediate gratification or short-term desires to achieve long-term goals.

It's about exerting willpower and self-control as you stay laser-focused on what's important, even when you're faced with temptations or distractions. And we all know how quickly salespeople become distracted, don't we?

Creating self-discipline will require you to make conscious choices, prioritizing your actions based on what aligns with your goals and values. Here lies one huge question... Have you clearly defined your goals and values?

It's about overcoming the natural inclination to embrace immediate pleasure or avoiding discomfort, in favor of ensuing activities contributing to personal growth and success.

Self-discipline is about having self-control, not falling prey to bad habits, such as laziness, procrastination and irresponsibility. 

Self-discipline is about making decisions to serve your long-term interests rather than being driven solely by monetary motives.

I believe self-discipline is a skill one can develop and strengthen over time. It requires practice, effort, commitment and massive action. It involves training the mind and building resilience to overcome challenges and stay committed to one's goals.

Self-discipline is challenging to achieve, since it requires one to battle with one's own self in making the right choice.

Napoleon Hill on self-discipline...

"The person who is not the master of himself many never become the master of anything else. But he who is the master of self may become the master of his own earthly destiny."

What choices are you making and how has this been impacting your sales results?

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” 
Leo Tolstoy

It’s one thing to know how to change, the bigger questions... are you willing and committed to change?

This all boils down to the classic can do versus will do mentality.

When you become unwilling to change, you keep yourself in limbo or a state of complacency. You even share with others, and yourself, how you will “try” to change.

Trying is one thing. Trying lacks accountability. You must ditch trying and start training. This means personally committing to the self-discipline journey.

If you want to increase your sales this will require you to do new and different things.


Are you willing to take 100% responsibility for making this happen?

Are you willing to get more interested in learning than defending your ego?

Are you willing to allow yourself grace as you learn and relearn new skills?

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."
George Bernard Shaw

I ask all of you to zero in on the following...

If you want to achieve the results no one is achieving, then are you willing to do the things no one is doing?

Taking in all that has been mentioned... To grow your sales in today's environment starts with creating massive amounts of self-discipline.

This means retooling, reequipping, and revamping parts of your processes around a different model, one which calls for new approaches, new positioning, new client experiences, and new business growth; all centered upon a well-organized plan.

You must be willing to adapt to the rapidly changing market conditions, digital business models and disruptive competitors.

Time to fasten your seatbelts, place your seats in the upright position and lock in those trays, as our journey together is just getting started.


"A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was a famous American Poet during the 1800's. His original works include "Paul Revere's Ride", "The Song of Hiawatha"and "Evangeline." 

I believe what's forever old is forever new. People, the above quote is more than 200 years old and is as relevant today, as ever.

Allow me to twist the quote up a bit, and you will soon realize how important this is to your sales growth...

A single conversation across the table with one of your clients is better than 10 years mere study of books.

What are you learning from your clients?

I believe you can earn a PhD in knowledge from your clients if you're willing to learn from them.

I believe the insights and information you learn from your clients, and what you do with it, will help them to solve their potential business problems and challenges.

You have unparalleled amounts of information available to you, to the point where information is no longer a competitive advantage.

Your competitive advantage is in plain sight and it's staring right back at you in the mirror.

In the interactions with your clients, are you making them smarter or are your clients making themselves smarter?

How do you think this may affect your relationship and your sales growth?

The importance of you learning new things should not be taken for granted. The power of self-education... hold yourself accountable to it.

However, you wish to learn, whether it be through a book, the internet, or through your clients, by all means, create disciplined time within your day and learn something new.

“Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the world’s work, and the power to appreciate life.”
Brigham Young.
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Mahatma Ghandi once said,

You never know what results will come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no results.”

If you do nothing, there will be nothing!

If you commit with radically consistency and massive discipline to following three areas, I believe you will drive monumental sales results.


The key to your sales growth must come through your clients not at the expense of your clients.

We all know it’s less expensive to retain your clients than it is to acquire new ones.

It becomes mission critical that you build authentic relationships high, wide and deep, throughout the entire organization, not just with a select few decision makers or influencers.

You must build a fortress around your client base or someone else will.

People are constantly moving in, around, and out of your client base.

You will become relationally vulnerable by limiting who you know within your client base down to just a few people.

You must go way beyond key decision makers. You must start to connect to company influencers, end users, and key department managers; cross pollinating relationships is mission critical to your sales growth.

You never know WHO inside an organization can open the relational door to sales prosperity.

You must build genuine, authentic relationships with an abundance of individuals within your client base, as the opportunity for loyalty increases.

One way to guarantee loyal clients is to create unbreakable heartfelt bonds.

"We share an unbreakable bond. And only the two of us know the secret codes for holding us together."
Palak Jain

Are you creating the ties that bind with your clients?

This means:

  • Setting specific and agreeable expectations
  • Continuing to bring insight and fresh ideas
  • Nurturing the relationship online as well
  • Going above and beyond, never breaking a promise

Those of you who fail in building strong ties may see deals collapse, funnels shrink, and distress arise.

You must become obsessed with protecting and serving your clients or someone else will.

It is about building authentic relationships. And in doing so, think about the relational client networks you will create and the potential referrals you will curate.


You can increase your sales by focusing less on acquiring new clients and more on your current clients?

Call me crazy but I promise you this works.

Many struggle to capitalize on what sits close to home and who resides within the networks of people they already do business with.

To increase new business, you must concern yourself with reducing client attrition by providing them a memorable and inspirational experience.

The more you know about your clients, the more you grow with your clients.

This fosters new relationships, new conversations and new sales opportunities.

The more you learn about your clients, the more you earn from your clients.

You're one degree of separation from your best sales opportunity, and it sits within your clients' networks.

Commit to understanding who your clients are connected with as part of your sales growth plan.


Listening is the new prospecting. Are you intentionally listening to the social cues?

Fuel your new business growth by integrating social into your prospecting cadence. Your clients and future clients use social...Are you paying attention to what your clients are posting?

The core foundation of blending social into your process can be accomplished by doing these three things:

  • Build a personal value framework - establish your credibility and help create visibility within the marketplace.
  • Listen and learn - understand what your ideal clients are talking about... What's important to them? What's top of mind to them?
  • Engage and educate - join and start conversations moving them from online to offline.

You must work strategically to implement a well targeted sales development growth plan.

You must become precision-like in proactively developing trusted and credible relationships with these high-valued opportunities.

To quote the late great Henry Ford,

"It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste."

Sales professionals do not waste their time. They value time and are radically disciplined on the aforementioned three things? Will you?


Remember, your sales growth involves taking ownership of your actions, continuously improving your skills, and adapting to a rapidly changing business environment.

Instilling self-discipline in yourself is not a gingerly walk in the park. It's challenging and many of you will fail. Is this a bit harsh, yes, but it's the stone cold truth.

However, this is where self-determination and fortitude come in.

One can suffer the pain of self-discipline or one can suffer the pain of regret.

Double-down on yourself. Practice self-discipline every day, and you will soon reap the fruits of your success.

Originally published on Larry Levine's LinkedIn.

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