Attention Sales World... Meaningful Connections And Healthy Relationships Are Critical To Your Sales Success.

Feb 20, 2023
Attention Sales World... Meaningful Connections And Healthy Relationships Are Critical To Your Sales Success.
"We live in a world where many of us have a lot of friends on Facebook but yet we have lost human connection."
Robin Sharma

In today's high tech, fast paced society where we can instantly reach just about anyone, what's concerning is many opt for digital connection.

While digital helps to facilitate relationships, what drives relational growth is true heart to heart conversation and connection.

Connections and relationships matter way beyond what we traditionally believe. As humans, we seek to connect to find meaning. We crave a sense of belonging.

Social networks and digital channels allow us to connect at hyper-warp speeds, but it's the one-to-one human connection that's becoming more valuable than ever.

A healthy meaningful relationship takes passion, purpose, and patience. This does not happen overnight, in a week, or in a month.

Check this out... there are two things that separate us from generations of the past:

According to the Pew Research Center, 83% US adults between the ages of 18-49 are active on at least one social media platform. Startling indeed!

Unfortunately, many can’t, won’t or struggle to be without their phones for more than an hour.

This means we have more barriers to gain mastery over when it comes to building meaningful connections with real human beings.

Just think for a moment... Is the technology of today becoming a distractor in building meaningful, healthy and abundant client connections?

“I remind myself that I’m always more satisfied by human interaction than by a digital connection.”
Maulik Pancholy

Attention to everyone in sales... if you REALLY care about your clients, and your future clients, then what are you doing to truly build connection?

I will let you stew on that one, as we continue our journey together.


First, maintaining meaningful connections has become challenging for one simple reason, technology provides an abundance of distractions that prohibit many to openly listen to and engage with those around them.

Think about how this applies to the interactions with your clients, and ask yourself... What am I doing to remove the distractions preventing me from connecting with my clients?

Let's set aside dictionary definitions of connection. A true connection, especially in a relational context is a deep almost natural bond that exist between two people.

This type of connection can be characterized by a sense of trust, respect and loyalty.

When asked, if their client relationships mean something to them, a sales majority unequivocally sayYES, but how many of those relationships are built on trust, respect and loyalty?

Would salespeople even have a clue?

“Consistency is the true foundation of trust. Either keep your promises or do not make them.”
Roy T. Bennett

Trust is the glue binding relationships together. Without trust, it's nearly impossible for any relationship to last. And yes, the same applies to your client relationships.

Here's the deal, if trust is something internal, personal and important to you, then you must trust yourself. Question becomes, what are you doing about it?

A trusted meaningful connection is a two-way street.

In a sales centric manner, you and your clients are gaining something from the relationship. This is so mission critical and becomes the key to unlocking the relational door. It's your ability to foster the environment to share vulnerability, common interests, values, purpose, dreams, aspirations and goals.

Here are some questions to ponder...

  • Are you connecting in meaningful ways with your clients?
  • Are you open to your clients' perspective and viewpoint?
  • Are you present in your conversations?
  • Do you trust your clients, and do they trust you enough to share vulnerable moments?
  • Do care about your clients. I mean truly give a rip about them?


One of my favorite sayings inside, Selling from the Heart,

If you want to have an ever-flowing sales funnel you must build an ever-flowing relationship funnel.

I love this quote courtesy of Mark Cuban,

"Business happens over years and years. Value is measured in the total upside of a business relationship, not by how much you squeezed out in any one deal."
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According to Gallup, an analytics and advisory company, competing on price is a losing (and unnecessary) strategy to earn business. Instead, building business relationships is the X-factor for winning more business.

Therefore, if you desire client relationships, crave relationships and this means something to you, then you must be direct and intentional about it.

Relational business matters and this has now become one of your most precious assets.

Healthy meaningful relationships create loyalty. Relationships create partnerships and relationships create referrals.

Just because people buy something from you and then you occasionally "check-in" with them, does not constitute a relationship.

Think about the following and let it sink in for a moment...

Transactional conversations lead to transactional relationships, which will always be replaced by a better transactional conversation.

A healthy relationship and connection to your clients develops based on:

  • Mutual respect
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Support
  • Fairness
  • Love
  • Good communication

Relationships are a necessary part of healthy living, but there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Relationships take time, effort, patience, respect, giving and caring.

Client relationships are a necessary part of a healthy business.

In healthy relationships you:

  • Can express yourselves to one another without fear of consequences
  • Trust each other
  • Are honest with each other
  • Maintain and respect each other
  • Feel secure and comfortable

Stop and think for a moment... What makes a great client business relationship?

I'm deeply concerned that the concept of a client business relationship has become lost inside the sales world.

There's minimal, insignificant depth and genuine meaning. The walk doesn't match the talk.

What many in sales think is a relationship, may not be what it really is.

I believe that before anyone in sales throws the phrases, "We have great client relationships" or "We love our clients" on the business table and out into the community, they should give some serious thought as to what it really means to them and how they will execute on it.

“So, get to know your customers. Humanize them. Humanize yourself. It’s worth it.”
Kristin Smaby


Turn to your heart. In sales, the heart tends to get ignored. “Heart-based” sounds "touchy-feely". Heart-based sounds weak and not cool. 

How can heart matter when competitors are making each sale more challenging than the last one?

I believe a servant, caring, and compassionate professional lives and leads with their heart. They are difference makers. This shows and is exhibited in how they care for their clients.

By living and leading with their heart, they create meaningful, unbreakable sales bonds which last a lifetime.

Heartfelt professionals are leaders. They build relationships, cast vision, inspire, influence and motivate people to act.

Open the cage and let your heart roam free with your client relationships.


The heart is a place where one develops and gains strength. Those that embrace their heart will grow in purpose, profit and impact. Those that embrace heart will strengthen their client relationships with many stakeholders, producing long-lasting results.

I'm here to tell you that your clients crave a genuine, authentic, real-deal, and Selling from the Heart professional. I urge all of you to lead a sales life full of authenticity and integrity rather than the pursuit of lining your sales wallet.

"Actions speak louder than words when serving with the heart"

I will leave all you with a few things to think about...

  • Are you nurturing your client communities?
  • Are you connecting at the heart level with your clients?
  • Are you showing gratitude towards your clients?

Could the key to incremental sales growth be based upon well you connect to your clients?

What do you think?

Originally published on Larry Levine's LinkedIn.

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