Attention Sales Leaders... Are Your Salespeople Cruising On The Relevancy Highway?

sales leaders sales professionals Oct 25, 2020
"There comes a time in your life where you're called to not only reinvent yourself but to rebuild your spirit. It's so relevant today."
Wilmer Valderrama

The sales world has changed. There have been rapid changes with technology during these troublesome and turbulent times.

The seismic shifts have been dynamic, widespread and the impact has been immense.

"Technology may be able to replace routine tasks, but I promise your clients still want to do business with a real live human being."

For all the sales leaders out there... the time is now to get real with yourselves and your team. You must guide your team to adapt, adopt and adjust to the circumstances of today.

You might be saying, "Yeah, yeah.... I know" so, I would encourage you to let these quotes from Charles Darwin sink in for a moment...

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”
“The law of evolution is that the strongest survives! Yes, and the strongest, in the existence of any social species, are those who are most social."

Carefully think about this...

Let's say there are 10 companies in your marketplace, all of them provide similar services, solutions and products to that of your company...

  • What makes your salespeople different?
  • What makes your salespeople standout?
  • What makes your salespeople relevant?

Relevance. Everybody wants to be and remain relevant.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “relevant” as: having direct bearing on the matter at hand; pertinent. Conversely, “irrelevant” means: not relating or pertinent to the matter at hand; not important.

"If your customer base is aging with you, then eventually you are going to become obsolete or irrelevant. You need to be constantly figuring out who are your new customers and what are you doing to stay forever young."
Jeff Bezos

I am concerned that mediocrity within the sales world is at an all-time high. Average salespeople are a dime a dozen. Conversely, original, creative thinking sales professionals are harder to find.

Sales leaders, I guarantee your clients want to work with a professional who can generate ideas, bring insight and educate them to business betterment.

I am a bit curious...

When was the last time someone on your team ask one of their clients what they expect from THEM?


The time is now for all those in sales leadership to rise-up, take action and take control.

Three-quarters of people who work in sales simply cannot execute, according to Kurlan & Associates.

“For lack of a better word, they suck,” says Dennis Connelly, vice president of business development at Kurlan & Associates.

6% of salespeople are “elites” who are great at selling. Another 20% are doing well but could do better. Then there are 74% who are failing. Most of the people in the 74% bracket can improve if they get training. But the bottom 25% are hopeless, because in addition to being ineffective, they aren’t trainable. Those people “should be doing something else.” - Kurlan & Associates


What sets your team apart? Why should people choose your team? Or learn from them? Or listen to them? Or do business with them? Or even have a conversation with them?

Are your salespeople truly exceptional? If you answered yes, WHY do you think so?

What do they specifically bring to the business table that makes them stand out from the rest of the sales wolf pack?

I encourage you to look in the mirror, think about your team and then ask yourself...

  • Is my team making a difference?
  • Is my team going the extra mile for our clients?
  • Is my team serving others?
  • Is my team developing a deep, genuine concern for our clients?

Tough questions, aren't they? Which ones do you feel your team could improve upon?

Are your salespeople traveling on the highway of relevancy?


What are you and your salespeople doing to become RELEVANT? Now think about this through your client's eyes. This may hurt if you're honest with yourself.

Each individual on your team is unique and different.

My question you...

Why do many on your team walk, talk and act the same? Becoming relevant just might be the key to sales success.

In this highly competitive digitally driven business environment, it is mission critical to stay relevant, competitive, marketable and yes, desirable. 

"Truth is in the eye of the beholder"

Relatable and relevant... How well do you think this applies to your team as they are building meaningful relationships with their clients?

Here's the stone-cold truth... many in sales wrap themselves up with self-delusional thoughts regarding how much their clients love them.

I would ask them to walk in their shoes and think about the pressures they're under. Imagine what they’re feeling. Empathize with them and help!

Now ask yourself... just how relevant are the members of my team?


We as human beings want to be heard, we want to know that we matter, and we just want to be loved (or even just liked). When we feel accepted, we perform better, we become a bit more relaxed and we don't come across as being insecure.

I believe being relatable will allow your salespeople to stand out from the competition. I believe your clients are waiting for your salespeople to show them who they really are and to share their story.

When you’re relatable, it’s easy to spark a conversation.

Your team must be present in their client relationships. They must make their clients feel like they're the only thing that matters. They must speak from their heart.

Unfortunately, many of your clients smell insincerity the minute your salespeople open their mouth. The odors of commission breath are written all over their conversations.

Have your salespeople open up and share the human side and their story. Watch how fast they start to connect.


What makes your salespeople relevant and relatable?

I would encourage your team to start having business conversations with your client's by offering a compelling vision of the future and how they can prepare for them for it.

I would encourage your team to bring a vision cemented in a deep understanding of the trends shaping the market, industry challenges and how this help transform their company.

In today's business climate, there is no room for empty suits. A true empty suit is a business suit of clothing without a person in it who really doesn’t know what they bring to the marketplace or their clients.

How well are salespeople demonstrating competence?

An executive appearance, presence and attitude may open business doors of opportunity, however; without competence and substance things can quickly dissipate.

As the leader of your sales team, I strongly encourage you to have your salespeople remove their client's mask of uncertainty. Show them a complete understanding of their business and how they can help them allocate their resources in a way that will help them achieve results faster now and into the future.

Connecting and relating keep your salespeople cruising in the fast lane of relevancy.

Relevancy is not an option
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